Nutanix acquires app mapping provider Netsil in another nod to multi-cloud rise

The rise of multi-cloud has helped secure another M&A deal in the cloud division: enterprise cloud services provider Nutanix has announced the acquisition of Netsil, an app mapping, discovery and management software provider.

Netsil, based in San Francisco, aims to give enterprises complete visibility into all of their applications and services. In the words of the company, its ‘algorithm-based and non-invasive technology helps to achieve visibility and control at scale while keeping application transparency.’

As organisations increasingly bring more cloud providers into the fold, with greater numbers of applications, complexity and confusion is often the result. The rise in microservices and containerised applications, with more companies dipping their toes into the water, exacerbates the issue. With siloed IT departments relying on legacy monitoring tools based on static environments and slow application architectures, organisations simply cannot keep up – or so goes the theory.

This is the second deal announced by Nutanix this month. The start of March saw the company agree to acquire Minjar – although the company’s main product, AWS and Azure-based DevOps automation tool Botmetric, will be more familiar to readers.

“Netsil’s innovative technology offers an original approach to simple yet comprehensive application discovery and operations management across multiple cloud environments and will be a powerful addition to Nutanix,” said Sunil Potti, Nutanix chief product and development officer in a statement. Harjot Gill, CEO and founder of Netsil, added: “Nutanix has built a very solid enterprise cloud OS platform, which when combined with Netsil’s real-time observability, becomes even more strategic when addressing a growing microservices market.

“We are really happy to be joining a company where Netsil’s capabilities will be used to their fullest.”

Financial terms of the deal, which is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, were not disclosed.

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