NTT’s Disaster Recovery Service Available in Europe

NTT Communications has brought its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to European customers. Its DRaaS provides a managed cloud service to deliver business continuity in the event of an on-premise failure; it has been operating within the United States for many years. NTT is bringing the service to many European data centers for enterprise customers within the region. NTT is currently offering a one month launch trial of DRaaS for customers that qualify.

DRaaS allows companies that it supports to function normally during times of either planned or unplanned shortages. In addition, it provides real-time replication of customer servers to NTT’s cloud application, which in turn provides automatic failover and failback to ensure both data protection and high availability. This service is currently being offered at four NTT data centers across Europe in addition to other data centers around the world; so, customers may choose where they would like their recovery environment to be located. According to NTT Communications, DRaaS is based off of technology from Geminare’s Cloud Recovery platform. DRaas functions by replicating critical servers, customer data, and operating systems to the NTT cloud. European companies that are interested in testing out the service to see if the offering of DRaaS is compatible against their infrastructure and if it fits the companies’ requirements. This trial will be at either reduced or no cost to companies willing to try it.

“NTT Com’s DRaaS is a powerful cloud solution that allows customers to place their recovery environments in NTT’s Enterprise Cloud whether their primary infrastructure is on-premise, in a public cloud or in a private cloud. This is powered by Geminare’s patented DRaaS platform making it a compelling way for customers to capitalise on the benefits of cloud,” said Damian Skendrovic, NTT Europe’s vice president of cloud services.


About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Com is a subsidiary of  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, the largest telecommunication company in the world. It offers cloud services, data center services, network services, and voice and video communications services. Its network service is offered across 196 countries/regions and has upwards of 140 data centers throughout the world.

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