NextGen Buys EagleDream Health

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, a part of Quality Systems, has paid $26 million to buy EagleDream Health. This deal is likely to close by the end of this month.

NextGen is a company that specializes in providing the foundation for any organization that wants to promote healthy living and way of life among different communities. Headquartered in Horsham Pennsylvania, this company’s products are geared towards user management of healthcare records, Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) and Electronic Practice Management (EPM).

Some of its products include:

  • Ambulatory EHR
  • Inpatient Clinicals
  • Health Quality Measure
  • Patient Portal
  • EDI Services
  • Data Protection
  • Revenue Cycle Management

To boost these products, NextGen has accquired EagleDream Health, as the latter focuses on cloud-based analytics for the healthcare industry. In a big way, the products of both these companies are complementary, so it makes sense for them to come under the same unit.

In fact, EagleDream Health takes clinical, financial and administrative data and comes up with an optimal practice performance that enhances productivity and performance of client organizations. It’s intuitive and user-friendly platform converts data from disparate sources into actionable information that can help an organization to understand its current position. Such deep insights can help with decision-making and add value to an organization.

This deal is expected to give a big boost for NextGen because the entire healthcare  industry is moving away from a fee-based model to a value-based one, so any service that provides more value will be able to surge ahead of competition. And that’s exactly what NextGen is aiming to do with this acquisition.

This company has clear vision and objectives and it is moving well in the right direction. Earlier this year, it acquired another company called Entrada to increase the value offerings it can provide to its clients. This acquisition of EagleDream Health is another important milestone on this direction.

From EagleDream Health’s perspective too, this deal is a good one because it gets access to a wider customer base and possibly even a greater revenue. Since both these companies operate in the same sphere, it makes sense to align the products of all these companies together.

Such acquisitions reflect the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and in some ways the tech industry too, as value is taking center stage over other aspects.

For the healthcare industry, this is a good move because it has the potential to reduce the per-capita cost of healthcare and also improve the overall work-life balance for all employees in the healthcare industry including clinicians.

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