Next Stop in Cloud Computing: How Can It Be Implemented?

First there was “what.” Then there was “why.” Now there is “how.”
Cloud computing is being embraced by most enterprise IT shops – at least according to attendees and vendors at the 10th Cloud Expo in New York, writes Roger Strukhoff of Cloud Computing Journal. Many organizations now want to know how to harness the strengths of cloud computing.
The word of the day at Cloud Expo was “multi-cloud,” Strukhoff explained:
“It turns out that enterprise IT is complex, and that cloud is not going to eliminate that complexity, at least with larger shops. However, it will continue the push in recent years to eliminate silos, decouple and loosely recouple services, get a grip on measuring things, and provide the vaunted ‘single pane of glass’ through which IT management can view and manage what’s going on,” he writes.

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