Nexenta brings software-defined storage into the cloud

Clare Hopping

6 Apr, 2018

Nexenta is extending its open source-driven software-defined storage (OpenSDS) portfolio with NextentaCloud, a range of cloud-connected storage for businesses wanting to store their data off-premises.

The first product launching in the portfolio will be Nexenta’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementation, available from AWS Marketplace. NexentaCloud for AWS allows businesses to take advantage of AWS’s public cloud service to store their applications securely in the cloud.

It supports snapshots, cloning, thin provisioning and data compression, with preconfigured AWS instances, helping businesses make use of powerful business continuity and self-service test/development environments, without the laborious set-up process.

“By further extending our enterprise OpenSDS technology to the cloud, NexentaCloud for AWS lets organisations, especially those who have historically utilised on-premises NAS and SAN server platforms, continue their journey to a hybrid cloud environment,” said Tarkan Maner, chairman and CEO at Nexenta.

“NexentaCloud is the next step in our vision to disrupt the status quo. It enables customers to expand their data storage assets from on-premises to the cloud, and deliver improved manageability, reliability, and scalability with predictive intelligence.”

With NexentaCloud’s analytics, businesses can keep on top of their data centre and cloud environments, the company claimed, making intelligent decisions based on usage.

Nexenta raised $20 million of funding at the tail-end of last year to boost its cloud offerings, and it seems as though this latest product is the first innovation that injection of cash has helped produce. The next products expected to materialise as part of this cloud drive are NexentaStor CloudNAS and NexentaFusion CloudManagement.