New whitepaper available on best practices for growing your VPS and cloud server business

We are please to publish another best practices whitepaper on Parallels PartnerNet, this one focused on optimizing your Virtual Private Server (VPS) business using Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC). These best practices are the result of our years of experience in providing PVC to our service provider partners, combined with the latest customer and VPS market research and our most recent PVC product improvements. By  implementing these best practices, you will be able to establish and grow your VPS business and maximize the revenue per container from your PVC infrastructure.


This paper begins with the results of a survey we recently conducted among some of our most successful partners, to find out what lessons they’ve learned over the years that have contributed most
to their success. It then goes on to discuss best practices for growing your VPS business, and it ends with a 1-page checklist for maximizing revenue per Container.


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