New Updates For HP’s Big Data Platform Haven

HP has updated its big data platform Haven to include new analytics and predictive capabilities. This platform is geared towards enterprises with lots of data of various types, and the new update expands the type of data that can be analyzed through a new connector framework. A new Knowledge Graphing feature will be implemented along with better speech recognition and language identification features.


The Haven big data platform is made up of analytics, hardware and services with some of this available on-demand. HP’s big data platform was begun in 2013 with Haven being the umbrella for various technologies. The update brings together analytics for structured and unstructured data by combining context-aware unstructured data service analytics of HP IDOL with SQL-based capabilities of HP Vertica.




Examples of this type of service include Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and SAP enterprise applications and cloud services such as Box, Salesforce and Google Drive.


The knowledge-graphing feature mentioned above could analyze connections in data, enabling advanced and contextually aware research within assorted data sources. The enhanced speech and language capabilities of the update are able to work with 20 languages. This part of Haven is powered by advanced deep neural technology and stems from thousands of hours of audio sampling via this neural network.


Other enhancements include targeted query response and IDOL search optimizer. The targeted query response helps customize and improve search results based on specific criteria. The IDOL search optimizer is used for understanding the types of searches being done by users and then gauging the quality of results.


The goal of HP’s Haven platform is to not have big companies relying on specialized data scientists or costly, complex integration projects in order to benefit from big data computing across almost any data type.

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