More Super quantum processors coming your way

Imagine how cool it’ll be if you got to work on super computers and super processors.. You’ll be able to do at least twice the amount of work in half the time that you’re using right now.

Well, this could be a reality as companies are looking to offer their supercomputers and super processors as a cloud service.

Leading the way is IBM that has decided to offer its 20-qubit quantum computer as a cloud service. This could be available as soon as the end of this year. The power of quantum computers can be accessed through an open-source platform like QISKit.

Such a cloud-based service is expected to be a big hit because businesses can now leverage huge computing powers without ever having to invest a ton of money in hardware or infrastructure. To give you an example, businesses will be able to process quantum algorithms in 90 microseconds through this quantum computing service.

And that’s not all. IBM is working on a 50-qubit quantum computer that it hopes to be available as a service by next year. Its engineers and data scientists are constantly working on adding qubits and converting the same into a service that will benefit businesses and even the society at large.

It’s not a surprise that IBM is leading the way in quantum computing as a service as the company has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Other companies are expected to come up with such supercomputing and super-processing services soon. Within the next few years, these super processors will be more ubiquitous for businesses and individuals.

What remains to be seen is how these computers are used by different businesses, research organizations or even individuals to create path-breaking applications.

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