Mitigating the Data Management in the Cloud Conundrum

As more and more companies rely on data as the foundation for accurate strategic decision making and use it to underpin the development and evolution of their core products and service offerings, the value of data to most companies is understandably on the rise. Yet, despite an awareness that a deterioration in data quality will almost certainly result in a degradation of business processes, many organizations still do not put enough time and effort into ensuring that all data is as timely, accurate and consistent as possible.
The growing use of the cloud is now threatening to add further complexity to the management of data quality – and even fewer organizations are taking this into proper account. According to a recent report by Ventana Research, only 15 percent of organizations have completed a quality initiative for their cloud data, and that number drops to five percent for master data management. So, it comes as no surprise that less than a quarter of organizations trust their cloud data, while just under 50% trust data from on-premise applications.

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