Midokura doubles down on OpenStack

Midokura is joining OpenStack as a sponsor

Midokura is joining OpenStack as a sponsor

Networking startup Midokura has announced it is joining the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate sponsor in a bid to further its agenda within the open source cloud software community.

The company, which focuses on developing network function virtualisation (NFV) capabilities and helped develop the initial OpenStack tools to enable NFV (Quantum / Neutron), said it wanted to join the OpenStack community in a more formal capacity so it could push for a number of initiatives near and dear to its heart.

That agenda includes the adoption of a working group to create the OpenStack Foundation test certification standards and certification for developers.

Efforts are already underway at the Foundation to come to some consensus around what components need to be included in a distribution to be considered “core OpenStack”, but some believe those efforts need to be broadened to appeal to and include ISVs developing for the platform.

“Midokura has been involved with the OpenStack project as an originator of the OpenStack Quantum plug-in, which has since been renamed as Neutron. We have continued code contributions in every release since Bexar,” said Adam Johnson, vice president of business, Midokura. “By doubling down on Midokura’s commitment to OpenStack as a corporate sponsor, we look forward to further promoting the ideals behind the OpenStack Foundation, which align with our own.”

Midokura’s MidoNet NFV technology replaces the default Open vSwitch deployed by OpenStack Neutron with its own.

Lauren Sell, vice president of marketing, OpenStack Foundation: “The OpenStack community wants choices when it comes to scale-out networking. Midokura has demonstrated its commitment to the OpenStack community by delivering an open-source MidoNet option that users can consume in an open, collaborative model. We’re excited about Midokura joining the Foundation as a corporate sponsor, and we look forward to working together to make the project stronger.”