Microsoft is Poised to Meet the Growing Demands from India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. With more than a billion people, this country presents excellent opportunities for any company that is looking to expand and meet the demands of this burgeoning market. And cloud is not any different.

India represents almost a billion opportunities for the cloud market. This market is valued at about $1 billion currently and is growing at a rate of about 30 percent per year. There are many reasons for this astounding growth.

Firstly, India has a relatively young population that is making the most of technology. They are truly living through a digital revolution and this means, there’s abundance opportunity for the tech industry as a whole, and cloud industry in specific because cloud is the current and future of technology.

Secondly, IT leaders in India are looking to build an agile infrastructure, which again is going to be cloud-based. Thirdly, the government is taking extensive measures to make it easy for its people to interact with different departments, and they are also increasingly relying on cloud to implement this transition.

Fourth and probably the biggest reason is the presence of millions of businesses in the small and medium enterprise (SME) category that can benefit hugely from this move to the cloud. It is estimated that there are more than 30 million SMEs spread across the country and a vast majority are yet to embrace the cloud.

With such factors in place, cloud companies are expanding their presence in India to make the most of these opportunities. Among all the major players, Microsoft is well-poised to tap into this endless opportunity. According to Rajeev Sodhi, the country head of Microsoft India, the company spends more than $12 billion in research each year to create customized solutions and to help every business to leverage the power of cloud.

Keeping in tune with the local culture, Microsoft has adopted a people-centric approach to increase their clientele and this has worked well for the company so far.

To get a pulse of what Indians think of technology, Microsoft commissioned a study called “Asia Digital Transformation Study.” The results bring out some important trends. The survey clearly showed that Indians believe that artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is essential for a digital transformation. Both these technologies have cloud as its underlying infrastructure.

To top it, 88 percent of surveyed individuals think that cloud computing and the widespread use of mobile devices will make it easier and more affordable to access data and information.

Microsoft has started making a few tweaks to its products based on the response received through this survey. In April, it announced new Azure tools and resources to help Indian companies adopt a hybrid environment for data storage and computing.

It even allows organizations to use Azure hybrid option directly from their Azure management portal itself, thereby simplifying a ton of tasks and process.

With such measures, Microsoft is looking to establish itself as a leader in this booming cloud market.


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