Microsoft Azure – It’s More Than Just Portability

When people discuss Microsoft Azure, they often think about portability to the cloud. One of the misnomers of the Azure cloud is that you’re just taking your on-prem virtual machines and moving them to the cloud when, in reality, Azure is much more than that. It is about VM portability, but it is also running different platforms in the cloud. It’s using instances which allows users to move, say, a web server to an instance in the Azure cloud so they don’t have to worry about the patching and management of that server from month to month. Instead, the user knows that it’s already taken care of for you. Other benefits include uptime SLAs and back up solutions.

Watch the video below with DJ Ferrara to learn more about the benefits Microsoft Azure has to offer.


Microsoft Azure – What are the benefits?

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Azure? Has your organization utilized the platform? Any plans to use Azure in the future? Why or why not?

To hear more from DJ, watch his video blog discussing the pros and cons of different public cloud platforms and when it makes sense to use each. If you’d like to speak with DJ more about the Azure cloud, email us at


Video with DJ Ferrara, Vice President & Enterprise Architect