Meet Google One, the cloud giant’s new paid storage tier

Clare Hopping

16 May, 2018

Google has revamped its paid-for cloud service, re-launching it as Google One. The plan will enable people to take advantage of storage limits of between 100GB up to 30TB, with support from Google experts to help you choose the right products and services for your business.

This space is now shareable across families, with the ability to add up to five members to one plan, with just one bill every month, simplifying the service for households. Everyone who joins the shared scheme will get their own storage space, so you won’t have to have your son or daughter’s files saved alongside yours, for instance.

The cloud giant said it’ll also offer those who pay for their cloud storage access to other benefits, such as credits on Google Play and deals on hotels when you use Google Search to find them. It says it’ll be adding more deals in the future as the service grows and evolves.

Everyone who currently pays for their Google Drive plan will be automatically moved over to Google One in the coming months, with their storage limits applying to files and folders in Google Drive, Gmail and photos and videos saved through the company’s Photos product. The service will start in the US and will expand over time, but before your plan is moved, you’ll be notified by Google.

Google One will cost less than current Google Cloud plans, too. Only the US pricing structure has been announced so far, but plans will cost from $1.99 (£1.47) a month for the 100GB version, $2.99 (£2.21) a month for the 200GB option or $9.99 (£7.38) per month for the 2TB option. This highest tier previously cost £15 a month.

Anyone on other Google Cloud plans will migrate later in the year, after Google Drive users are switched over. However, G Suite business customers won’t be forced to make the switch just yet.

Image credit: Google