Master Cloud Encryption Keys: The Heat Is On

Earlier this month, we discussed the effect of NSA Leaker, Edward Snowden and the Prism Scandal on the future of cloud security. We asked (and answered) the question: What level of paranoia is justified in the wake of PRISM? But it seems the scandal just grows and grows. We now hear that the Feds put heat on Web firms for master cloud encryption keys. It is unclear whether US authorities have the legal clout to obtain the master encryption keys that Cloud Providers use to shield customer data. However, it is crystal clear that the government wants this right. As the ripple effect of the scandal continues, we find ourselves being asked by customers: how do we make sure our keys are protected so that we can make sure our data is protected?
Cloud Security is special because Cloud Economics are special: if anyone (whether a commercial interest or the government) can get mast

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