Marketecture Business Center 3.0 Offers Integrated Online SMB Platform

Marketecture today announced the full platform launch of the Marketecture Business Center 3.0, its turnkey website solution for micro and small businesses, which allows small business owners to establish and grow their business online without having to build their own software or become Internet experts.

Marketecture Business Center 3.0 provides a suite of integrated online business management and marketing tools. The new platform leverages proprietary, scalable software and includes the following features:

  • Custom Website Design – Build a website in minutes using
    Marketecture’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • Content Management – Upload as many images, video, music and data
    files as desired with Marketecture’s unlimited storage and hosting
  • Social Marketing Management – Monitor and manage the social
    environment surrounding a small business with deep social media
    integration for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and
  • Online Marketing Management – Work alongside Marketecture’s experts to
    deploy a variety of online business strategies, including SEO, PPC,
    viral, content and local marketing
  • Customer Relationship Manager – Track visitor analytics from one
    simple interface
  • Communications Manager – Unlimited email accounts, webmail access,
    newsletter and drip campaigns
  • E-Commerce – Set up a merchant account to collect money directly from
    the SMB’s website and use Facebook integration to enable customers to
    reserve services, purchase products and fill out forms and signups
    directly from the business’ Facebook page
  • Business Tools – Blogs, secure document editing and sharing,
    scheduling and reservations
  • Custom Logo Design – Use easy software tools to build great logos, or
    work side-by-side with Marketecture’s designers to create a logo to
    establish a brand

“After honing our platform for the past two years, we are thrilled to offer the full integration of the Marketecture Business Center,” said Oliver Bigler, chairman and CEO of Marketecture. “For years, thousands of micro and small businesses have benefited from aspects of our online platform and we pride ourselves in now being able to provide all the essential components needed to thrive on the web. For too long, small business owners have been unfairly offered select solutions by Internet software solution companies marketing their individual app. Marketecture’s all-in-one website solution and business system helps small business owners across the country build, market and grow their online business and adapt to an increasingly Internet-based economy.”

According to a 2011 report by research firm Borrell & Associates, most small and medium business (SMB) owners do not have the time or the expertise necessary to successfully conduct business online; in fact, 46 percent of SMBs in the U.S. have no online presence. Of the SMBs with an online presence, 80 percent are a simple “business card” site without embedded revenue generation. Marketecture addresses both deficiencies in its easy-to-use, all-in-one system, which helps clients build and maintain their website, find and retain customers and generate revenue.