Leading a horse to water: Driving out uncertainty in IT cloud projects

“What Cloud solution is right for us?”

“What functionality will be available in this solution?”

“When will I get my training?”

Each of these questions reflects a person grappling with uncertainty at different levels of the organization.  From the initial consideration of changing IT strategy, through the design, implementation, and go live, the project team is constantly working on uncertainty loops as uncertainty cascades down the organization. 

The senior decision maker starts with uncertainty and has zero commitment, until they commit to a strategy, then the IT manager deals with uncertainty of how to implement the strategy. The IT manager instinctively gathers information to fill in the blanks and then sets to work making commitments to specific design components.

As the final design gets closer to testing and rollout, end users have their own set of concerns and questions and eventually will be fully committed to the solution once they …