Layer 7 Survey: Over 85% of Enterprises Will Have an API Program by 2018

“Enterprises are increasingly recognizing APIs as a cornerstone of the modern open hybrid enterprise,” said Dimitri Sirota, Senior Vice President, Security, CA Technologies and co-founder of Layer 7 Technologies, on Layer 7’s release os the results of a survey focused on the key enterprise concerns that are driving the adoption of API Management solutions. “For an organization to be successful,” Sirota continued, “it must have a strategy to deploy and manage the APIs that will enable it to secure and leverage data, empower a mobilized workforce and engage with the developers driving the app economy.”
Of the 140 enterprise IT professionals polled in May, more than 43% of respondents reported that their organization currently had an API program in place, while 27% said a program would be launched within the next year. Respondents to the survey overwhelmingly pointed to a broad range of key business goals driving the growing need for API programs.

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