KPMG: Why is the SaaS cloud market expanding rapidly?

A new report from consultants KPMG has shown that software as a service (SaaS) is expanding rapidly, and the threat of a double dip recession is purportedly driving cloud adoption.

It’s a reasonable enough assumption – companies moving to the cloud often do so in the hope of reducing cost, after all – and it appears SaaS is the best model with which to achieve that aim, although there are still some worries for CIOs to consider.

The key factors that are driving growth in the global SaaS market according to the report were:

  • Cost cutting – “post recession the opportunity to save costs is attracting companies”
  • Ease of speed and deployment, resulting in more evident value from software purchases
  • Increasing demand from SMEs, with the pay-as-you-use SaaS model hitting home

The figures of SaaS adoption were intriguing, particularly given a previous KPMG survey, 2011’s Embracing the Cloud, revealed that nearly …