Kii and KDDI say their joint platform will make IoT safe on cloud

Secure cloudJapanese telco KDDI is working with Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform provider Kii to create a risk averse system in which enterprises can develop mobile apps.

The KDDI cloud platform service (KCPS) is described as a mobile back end as a service (mBaaS) offering that uses Kii’s software to create mobile and IoT apps on a private network. The two companies have worked together on ways to apply cloud disciplines for efficient sharing of resources, contained within the confines on an Intranet environment. The object of the collaboration is to allow companies to develop machine to machine systems, without exposing them to the public cloud while they are in development.

According to KDDI, the KCPS uses the telco’s Wide Area Virtual Switch to integrate a number of different virtual network layers with Kii’s software. Together they create a new level of fast connections across the Intranet. KCPS also provides a service environment for intranet-conscious customers who need high standards of security and enterprise functions without resorting to the public Internet, according to the vendor.

KDDI claims this is the first instance in which both Intranet and Internet services can work seamlessly with any mobile application developed on the KCPS platform.

KDDI’s application development support will allow developers to build better quality, lower priced applications in a short period of time, it claims. The platform is designed to help developers manage application development, devices and data, while providing essential features like push notifications and geo-location information. KCPS should be compatible with mobile apps on Android and iOS, according to KDDI.

“As the IoT gains mass acceptance, we see tremendous value helping mobile app developers get more IoT devices into the hands of consumers,” said Kii CEO Masanari Arai, “our collaboration will use the cloud to build the backend support of these apps in Japan.”