Journey to the Cloud First Year: Top 10 Posts

Journey to the Cloud has now been around for over a year! We thought it would be cool to count down our Top 10 Posts since starting the blog. Let us know in the comment section if you think we missed one of your favorites!

10. Cloud Theory to Cloud Reality: The Importance of Partner Management by Robb Schlosser

In Robb’s one and only post he discusses the importance of partner management on an organization’s journey to the cloud.

9. Going Rogue: Do the Advantages Outweigh the Risks? by John Dixon

John reflects on a Twitter chat he participated in hosted by the Cloud Commons blog. Are all rogue IT projects bad things? Could this type of activity be beneficial? If rogue IT projects could be beneficial, should they be supported or even encouraged?

8. The Journey to the New IT: Four Key Observations by Chris Chesley

In this video blog (accompanied by text), Solutions Architect Chris Chesley discusses the four major transformations he has seen in IT. Users are now the focus, not applications or locations, Virtualization is now a commodity, Cloud is here, and Better technology, better ways of solving issues.

7. The Private Cloud Strikes Back by Trevor Williamson

When’s JP Rangaswami made comments dissing the private cloud, Trevor Williamson responded with fire!

6. Thin on Thin Provisioning – Good Idea or Recipe for Disaster? by Chris Ward

Chris Ward discusses best practices of thin on thin provisioning. What is it? How do I use it? Positives vs. Negatives? Recommendations.

5. How Cloud Computing is Like Transforming a ’68 Dodge Dart by Trevor Williamson

In order to break down the many different concepts of cloud and cloud technologies, Trevor compares a traditionally managed datacenter with a 1968 Dodge Dart. Video & Text.

4. Mobile Devices in a Cloud World by Ken Smith

In this post, Ken discusses security of endpoint mobile devices.

3. What Should I Do about Cloud? by John Dixon

Pick your poison… Public, Private, Hybrid, Community, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS… even XaaS (anything as a service!). On-premises, off-premises… or even “on-premise” if you want!

2. How a Cloud Infrastructure Can Save or Make You Money by Trevor Williamson

Everyone is wondering about the ROI of a cloud infrastructure. In this post, Trevor points to where the revenue benefits are found or where costs are typically saved in a cloud infrastructure vs. a traditional infrastructure.

1. Planning for Cloud Infrastructures: Build It and They Will…Not Pay For It? by Trevor Williamson

And at number 1…Trevor discusess the CAPEX and OPEX funding issues that are causing the biggest headaches in the industry!


What’d you think of the list?

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