IT Pro 20/20: The future of IT infrastructure

Dale Walker

5 Nov, 2021

Welcome to issue 22 of IT Pro 20/20, a digital magazine from our sister site that distils the most important themes of the previous month into a simple, easy-to-read package.

For this month’s issue, we take a look at some of the technologies causing a stir across both the technology industry and the wider public. Whether it’s tried and tested technology like the internet, or emerging disruptors like blockchain, conversions are still being had about how best to utilise these building blocks.

Our lead feature looks at UK net neutrality, and whether an upcoming Ofcom review may lead to a fundamental change in how internet traffic is managed.

Elsewhere, we ask whether a company can truly embrace blockchain without sacrificing its green credentials, and whether a recent surge in productivity has put businesses on the road to digital transformation burnout.


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