IT leaders prepare for the arrival of the federated cloud

The future of the cloud is federated, and when you look at the broad categories of apps moving to the cloud, the truth of this statement begins to become clear.”  ~ Ditlev Bredhal, CEO, OnApp

And the federated cloud will be coming to a city near you, allowing your team to take advantage of a globally scattered array of datacentre infrastructure that will power the next generation of gaming apps, social media, e-commerce and online publishing applications.

While Virtual Internet continues to deploy new virtual datacenters in locations such as Singapore and Utah, there are considerable advantages to ‘sharing’ infrastructure from other Telcos, ISPs and providers who have built facilities in far-flung, remote areas, which do not include the VI footprint.

By the year 2015, it’s expected that over 15 billion devices will be connected to the Internet requiring massive bandwidth to satisfy the global demand.   No single hosting provider …