IT Chasms, Gaps, and A New World Order

I went to dinner last night with my pal, EMC big wig Rich Napolitano, and a startup he knows called Plexxi.  I’ve known Rich for many years since his startup Pirus (acquired by Sun for way too much money, god bless them).

Now Plexxi is still in stealth mode so I won’t unwrap them yet, but suffice to say they are entering the world that I love – an enormously disruptive ($$) market ripe for inevitable change (the networking space) because of powerful, long-term secular trends (that they didn’t have to create).  All the pieces required for mega-change.

I can’t say that Plexxi will be the next VMware, Facebook, or other smash, but at least they are smart enough to make sure the market they went into has the characteristics that make a mega-outcome possible.  Most don’t.

Which gets me to the point du jour – we still …