Is Microsoft Cloud Secure?

Is the Microsoft Cloud secure? We’ll you’ll be surprised to know some interesting facts and what goes on behind the scenes.

For starters, Microsoft cloud is constantly under attack, which is not a surprise, given that Azure is one of the most cloud computing platforms today. With its thousands of clients and users, hackers are always tempted to break its security, so they can steal whatever information they want.

But, it’s not been that easy for these hackers. A recent report released by Microsoft shows that this company thwarts roughly about 1.5 million hacks every day. That’s overwhelming to say the least.

Microsoft has employees more than 3,500 security employees and an advanced AI grpah thathelps to keep these attacks at bay. It’s a perfect combination of men and machine that keep every piece of data safe and secure.

When it comes to machines, Microsoft feeds hundreds of gigabytes of telemetry data into it’s intelligent AI-based system called the Intelligent Security Graph. Using some advanced machine learning algorithms, the system is able to predict with reasonable accuracy the source and time of attack. In addition, Microsoft claims that it scans more than 400 billion emails that go through Office 365 and Outlook every month to identify malware and other kinds of phishing scams.

All these measures cost money and this is why Microsoft spends more than $1 billion each year to beef up its security. Besides this money, the company also spends on research and development to further enhance its security and to stay updated – all in an effort to prevent hackers from breaking its security.

Though this may sound great, the fact is Microsoft is not the only provider that faces such a barrage of attacks from hackers. All cloud based companies keeping facing such attacks and some of them fall prey to these hackers. A case in point is OneLogin, a popular password management site, that was hacked, and it uses AWS as its cloud service provider.

In this sense, hacking is a part of everyday operations for these cloud companies and they’re doing everything they can to stay away from them. But sometimes, mishaps happen and data is lost. While this is not an argument to support the cloud providers, it’s time we understand the efforts that go behind maintaining the security of a cloud platform.

This scenario also explains why venture capitalist firms keep investing in cloud security firms. One such company that has benefited from such funding is Netskope that received more than a $100 million in a series E funding led by some of the top investors in this industry. This is, in fact, a trend that we’ve been seeing for some time now.

More people are investing in these cloud access security brokers simply because they believe these companies can find a more lasting and practical solution to the security problem, as hackers are only expected to get more aggressive in the future because of the huge money they can get from the dark web for stolen data.

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