IronKey Morphs into Marble Cloud

IronKey, the seven-year-old Internet security and privacy house, has changed its name to Marble Cloud in celebration of the introduction its new cloud security service.
Marble is meant to protect employee-owned iOS, Android, Windows and Linux mobile devices and desktop/laptop platforms.
The company says any user – contractor, remote worker, customer or supply chain partner – can securely access enterprise-provisioned public and private clouds from anywhere, on any of their own devices.
It’s a hardened multi-layer environment that’s supposed to be invulnerable – repeat, invulnerable – to Trojans, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, malevolent Wi-Fi networks, DNS poisoning and other state-of-the-threat attacks.
Being a toughie explains its less-than-fluffy new name.

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