Iomart eyes big data as their stock goes up and up

UK cloud service provider Iomart is centring primarily on big data having posted “strong and solid” figures for the last financial year.

Iomart this week announced a two-thirds increase in pre-tax profits, up to £6.9 million, and a one-third increase in revenue, up to £33.5 million, and according to marketing director Phil Worms the figures were in line with company expectations.

Worms used a football analogy to describe the results, telling Cloud Tech: “We’re delighted obviously, but as with anything you’re only as good as your last result, so we’re now focusing on the next set.

“It’s extremely positive, but the market expected us to deliver,” he added.

Concerning the idea of big data – the transferral of data which exceeds the capacity of conventional databases – Worms stated that it was the “next buzz word” and that it was going to affect everyone in the …