Interoute deploys Cloudian for new storage service

Interoute has announced it has rolled out a cloud-based storage service based on Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage technology.

The new service, which is part of Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) platform, aims to provide customers with ‘fast, reliable and highly durable cloud-based storage for unstructured data, backups and archives at very low cost’, in the company’s own words. It will be available across the entire Interoute platform of 17 virtual data centre zones around the world.

The company cited GDPR concerns from customers explaining the rollout with organisations ‘revisiting the legacy world of physical backup and archiving and demanding a simple, controlled, auditable cloud service’, according to Mark Lewis, Interoute EVP products and development.

“With Cloudian, Interoute is offering its customers choice in limitlessly scalable and cost-effective storage, on a foundation that is proven in some of the world’s largest unstructured data stores,” said Jon Toor, chief marketing officer at Cloudian in a statement.

Cloudian’s mission is to provide what it calls ‘a clear vision to revolutionise object storage’ – storage which allows retaining unstructured data, such as photos, music, and collaboration services – by enabling 100% native AWS S3 object storage in users’ own data centres.

The company secured $41 million in financing in October last year, as this publication reported, adding it aimed to use the capital to help expand its sales and marketing, as well as grow international operations.