Internet of Things and Social Wearables By @JCSMedia | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Wearable devices have come of age. The primary applications of wearables so far have been “the Quantified Self” or the tracking of one’s fitness and health status. We propose the evolution of wearables into social and emotional communication devices. Our BE(tm) sensor uses light to visualize the skin conductance response. Our sensors are very inexpensive and can be massively distributed to audiences or groups of any size, in order to gauge reactions to performances, video, or any kind of presentation.
In her session at @ThingsExpo, Jocelyn Scheirer, CEO & Founder of Bionolux, will discuss how the ability to wirelessly capture and analyze this kind of distributed wearable changes the game for marketers or anyone who wants to understand large scale gross emotional arousal response.

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