Intel Trots Out New Personal Cloud Platform

Intel continues to churn out reference platforms for what it calls personal clouds, Atom-based storage used by SMBs to manage the dramatic growth of critical files, e-mail and media and consumers for their music, movies, photos, e-books and videos.
Besides local and remote access, the widgets offer centralized backup and restore, video security, sharing, video playback and streaming, compliance and hardware acceleration.
They’re now being built around the Atom D2550 and D2500 and content can be shared anytime across smartphones, tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks.
The widgets support multiple file transfer protocols and various operating systems. McAfee AV SDK and VirusScan give small businesses protection against data corruption and virus attacks. And businesses with video surveillance systems can now attach up to two monitors to a single platform-based storage device and view up to four camera feeds that feature HD-quality clarity via the HTTP extension.

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