Innometrics Chooses @Basho Technologies Riak KV | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Basho Technologies has announced that Innometrics has adopted its Riak KV database to power its Profile Cloud API.
Innometrics is a pioneering start-up that enables brands to bring together data about their customers’ behaviour across multiple channels and power more intelligent marketing by integrating customers’ data silos in a single API service called Profile Cloud. Founded in 2009, it now operates from offices in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Mumbai and serves customers including 3 Mobile, Tele2 and Dansk Supermarked. The company built its core Profile Cloud on the highly resilient open source Riak KV database from the offset, so when it launched in summer 2014 Innometrics was able serve a forty-fold increase in traffic over the course of the year and rapidly grow its business by delivering consistent and reliable service.

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