Innodisk Begins Full-Rate Production of Its Industrial-Embedded nanoSSD

Innodisk has announced a full-rate production of a nanoSSD SATA device that conforms to JEDEC’s standard (MO-276).
Innodisk integrates a flash control chip, NAND flash, and ball grid array (BGA) package to deliver a nanoSSD that is approximately 1% of the size (16mm x 20mm x2mm) of a 2.5” SSD, by volume. The product weighs only 1.5 grams, supports the SATA III interface, and is fully compatible with both x86 and ARM systems. Innodisk’s nanoSSDs are being incorporated into a wide variety of applications where small form-factors and high transfer rates are critical, including industrial mobile devices, point-of-sale systems, embedded products, tablets, Ultrabooks, and high-end smart phones. In addition to its ultra-slim form factor, the nanoSSD offers blazing fast data transfer speeds by reading up to 500MB/s and writing up to 170MB/s. Whether it’s data storage, system boot, data cache backup, or all three, Innodisk’s nanoSSD successfully answers those challenges with great efficiency and performance. The nanoSSDs are manufactured in compliance with wide-temperature operating range (-40˚C to +85˚C), high shock-resistance, quick erase features, and ATA security.

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