Informatica unveils broad data integration strategy with Cloud Winter 2014

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management

Data integration continues to loom over organizations looking to move their applications and data into the cloud. With the announcement of the latest platform iteration of the cloud strategy it embarked on several years ago, Informatica continues to address the challenges facing these organizations.

Informatica Cloud Winter 2014, unveiled earlier this month and now generally available, is a major step forwards that (rightly) recognizes that integration across hybrid cloud spans data, services, and processes. Informatica continues to present a clear, disciplined, and comprehensive platform-driven roadmap approach.

Built on Vibe to span integration processes across data, services, and lines of business

Cloud Winter 2014 represents a new release, but not necessarily a brand-new product. It is in fact built on Informatica’s existing Vibe embeddable virtual data machine, announced this summer as a way to create integration logic (mappings) once, and run it across …