Implement a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution with EVault CDR 4.0

When it seems like every technology company in the world is throwing the term “Cloud Computing” around it’s refreshing when you can get past the 50,000 foot view of a solution and understand what is really happening. I’ve tried to create a walkthrough of building a cloud disaster recovery from scratch using a real product stack from EVault, a Seagate company.
Perhaps you’ve heard of this new technology floating around the internet called “Cloud Computing” and maybe, just maybe you’ve even thought about using this to satisfy some of your IT needs. Sarcasm aside, leveraging cloud computing services for disaster recovery is an example for how cloud computing can be applied to the business. EVault, a Seagate Company, has a product that helps you create an automated cloud based disaster recovery solution that includes the backup and recovery of your critical applications and data.

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