IBM targets IoT with developerWorks

IBM is targeting IoT developers with developerWorks

IBM is targeting IoT developers with developerWorks

As part of the recently announced developerWorks initiative IBM is creating a community, developerWorks Recipes, aimed specifically at developers creating Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The developerWorks Recipes community will offer participating developers access to IBM’s Bluemix platform as well as tutorials and technical guides on how to develop and deploy IoT services like connected car, healthcare device or industrial machine monitoring and diagnostic services.

“IBM has long been a leader in offering innovative tools for developers to create the applications of our future.  Now, IBM is expanding that focus so anyone – from the software novice to the experienced hardware engineer – can easily and quickly access materials providing guidance in the creation, management and connection of IoT devices to each other and the cloud,” said Christopher O’Connor, general manager, offerings, Internet of Things at IBM.

“With developerWorks Recipes, IBM provides easy access to new analytics and operational insight capabilities that tap into the vast data from many connected devices, home appliances or cars,” O’Connor said.

IBM just launched developerWorks last week, a cloud-based platform that provides access to Bluemix and emerging IBM tech and expertise in the form of blogs, informational videos and other multimedia, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with specialists.

Jone Rasmussen, general manager of IoT developer tool startup Bitreactive said the platform has the potential to help companies that want to develop new services quickly at a time when device development and vendor activity is expanding rapidly and standards scarcely available.

“Developers just can’t be experts on each new ‘thing’ that gets added to the IoT,” Rasmussen said. “To control costs of IoT projects, developers need easy, repeatable ways to quickly extract data from devices.”

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