Hype Cycles, VDI, and BYOD

An interesting thing is occurring in the spaces of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that is subtle, and while not generally part of the technology hype cycle, seems to be an adjunct of it in these two very specific cases. In espionage, when launching a misinformation campaign, several different avenues are approached for maximum impact, and to increase believability. While I don’t think this over-hype cycle is anything like an espionage campaign, the similarities that do exist are intriguing.

The standard hype cycle tells you how a product category will change the world, we’ve seen it over and over in different forms. Get X or get behind your competitors, Product Y will solve all your business problems and cook you toast in the morning. More revolutionary than water, product Z is the next big thing. Product A will eliminate the need for (insert critical IT function here)… The hype cycle goes on, and eventually wears out as people find actual uses for the product category, and the limitations. At that point, the product type settles into the enterprise, or into obscurity.

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