Huawei’s enterprise business unit grows 44% to $4.5 billion

Maintaining ProfitsHuawei’s Enterprise Business Group (EPG) has reported healthy growth over the last 12 months generating $4.5 billion over the period, an increase of 44% year-on-year.

Speaking at Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit 2016, the company highlighted growth was fuelled by customer demand for new ICT solutions, and outlined it strategy for 2016 under the tagline “Leading new ICT, building a better connected world”. The new proposition is focused around developing open, flexible and secure platforms for customers worldwide.

“In 2015, Huawei EBG experienced rapid growth in the public safety, finance, transportation, and energy sectors,” said David He, President of Marketing and Solution Sales at Huawei EBG. “With the development of innovative ICT including cloud computing, big data, Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT), customers’ business models, enterprises’ IT architectures, and industry ecosystems are changing profoundly. To address our customers’ challenges and strategic demands, Huawei works closely with our partners to develop joint innovations, through which we provide our clients with differentiated and leading products and solutions to help them thrive in the new ICT era.”

The announcement comes after Huawei launched its All-Cloud strategy at the event this week, as a means to capitalize on digital capitalization trends. Building on the ROADS experience model, All-Cloud centres on network modernization and aims to enable digital transformation within enterprise.

The enterprise group’s focus to date has been on the traditionally high-value contracts, though it is not clear what industries have been prioritized for the next 12 months. 76% of Huawei EBG’s 2015 sales revenue was generated from channels and partners, an increase of 47% year-over-year, owing to the fact that the company has now developed partnerships with more than 300 distributors and value-added partners, as well as more than 8000 tier-2 channel partners.

“In line with our ‘being integrated’ strategy, Huawei will continue to support our partners and help them succeed in the new ICT era by enhancing our products, brands, logistics, services, businesses, and IT systems,” said Raymond Lau, President of Global Partners and Alliances at Huawei EBG.