HP: How the cloud drives the unpredictability of mobile apps #AppsWorld

Earlier this year Infor CEO Charles Phillips claimed that enterprise apps and software “sucked” – but not so according to Hewlett Packard’s Paul Evans who is part of the company’s Application Transformation global marketing division.

“Enterprise apps can be beautiful. For us mobile apps are enterprise apps,” says Evans, who is speaking at Apps World Europe at Earls Court 2 on October 22-23. However he admits that they have evolved hugely from their more cumbersome origins.

“When enterprise apps came out they weren’t designed to be fun or intuitive. Now with a better design people can do all sorts of things without that level of training. Enterprise apps going forward can be fun and intuitive and that will be done by giving people a very design led environment,” he says.

The worry of course about the greater proliferation of enterprise apps comes from their wider adoption both in …