How to mitigate loss of control when moving to the cloud

It is a common misconception that by moving to the cloud, businesses are relinquishing all control of their data. Generally speaking, many companies fail to take the time to fully understand cloud computing and in this vein, feel reluctant to outsource business-critical data to the cloud.

The question most organisations should be truthfully asking themselves however is whether they are actually in control of their data when it is held on-premise. For example, what accreditations do they hold to ensure their business-critical data is actually in safe hands?

While most wouldn’t be able to say exactly where their data is, even if it was held on-premise, in contrast with a cloud-based solution, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Where is my data?

It is safe to say that on-premise solutions provide comfort to companies who struggle with the concept of relinquishing control over their data.

For those who don …