How Red Hat Plans to Conquer the Enterprise PaaS Space

Red Hat claims that the enterprise isn’t using these newfangled platforms-as-a-service to develop software very much because they don’t meet its needs.
The enterprise is worried about compliance, enterprise architecture standards, IT governance, security, application lifecycle management, application development methodologies, organizational and process restrictions, data and compute locality and privacy restrictions. Itches other people’s PaaSs don’t scratch according to Red Hat.
Ah, but analysts like 451 Research say the enterprise PaaS market could be worth $3 billion by 2015, a mere three years away, and surpass the SaaS market. And then there’s Red Hat’s great enemy VMware with its new Cloud Foundry open source PaaS.
So to meet the opposition and give the enterprise what it wants Red Hat has been evolving its OpenShift PaaS, which it put out for as a developer preview a year ago.

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