How big data is a key part of Intel’s data centre vision

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Information Management, Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Solutions

Intel recently shared its long-term strategic vision of how corporate data centers will evolve. Big Data processing plays a central role, driven by a future of escalating data volumes from mobile, cloud, and “Internet of Things” sources. Intel is starting to pull together a portfolio of offerings as a foundational infrastructure for analyzing Big Data.

Not surprisingly, this is a hardware-centric strategy, allowing Intel to sell more server engines to effectively run Big Data software applications. Intel believes it has the right chips (x86) to manage and analyze this data. But the chipmaker is taking a proactive role thinking further up the stack and fishing for Hadoop-related software opportunities.

Big Data is one of several demand-side drivers shaping the data center of the future

Intel laid out a detailed blueprint of key infrastructure for building the data centers …