Hong Kong unveils government cloud, funding put in

Hong Kong has launched the Government Cloud Platform, joining an array of countries with established cloud computing initiatives.

Yet the scheme, named GovCloud, is different from the US and UK initiatives as it is only for internal government use.

“GovCloud is the government’s first major private cloud computing initiative and is important central information technology infrastructure with full cloud computing functions,” a spokesman for the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) said, adding: “With robust and fully resilient infrastructure, GovCloud provides a stable and reliable environment for bureaux and departments to develop and host their e-government services.”

According to OGCIO, there’s a lot of capital in this venture: a total of HK $242m (US $31.2m) has been set aside to implement GovCloud in the next five years, with the doors opening on December 27.

Hong Kong is of course a major area for growth in …