Hiring for cloud? Here’s how to find the right people

Demand for cloud-skilled IT workers continues to outstrip the supply, and demand keeps growing.  You can’t pick up a technology journal without seeing quotes from hiring managers who complain about the lack of cloud skills in the job market these days.  Training and OJT are well underway, but growth is just too steep to fill all of the jobs.

The search for cloud talent is made harder due to several realities in the tech industry:

  • Cloud providers do a poor job of providing generalized cloud computing skills. They typically focus only on their technology, which shouldn’t be surprising. However, the majority of enterprises use many clouds, so cloud professionals need to understand most of them.
  • Certification programs are far too general. We all know the differences between IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. The deeper skills and knowledge are more desirable these days, but they are not what the certifications …