Hershey’s aims to streamline supply chain with S/4 HANA

Clare Hopping

6 Mar, 2018

Hershey’s has chosen Accenture to implement its SAP S/4 HANA software, enabling the confectionery company to build a more streamlined manufacturing and supply chain process.

Another major aspect of the collaboration is to help the candy company gain better insights into customer behaviour to power its wider business strategy, whether that’s boosting customer interaction, experience or engagement. Using SAP S/4 HANA,  Hershey’s hopes to boost innovation and drive revenue growth as it sets out to increase margins from its confectionery.

“Our collaboration with Accenture will enable us to increase competitive advantage and support our growth ambition through greater collaboration and innovation, as well as service delivery built around the needs of our customers,” said Terry O’Day, chief product supply and technology officer for The Hershey Company.

“We selected Accenture for its understanding of our industry, technology credentials and proven track record in delivering enterprise transformation at scale.”

Implementing S/4 HANA, SAP’s ERP successor to Business Suite that runs on the vendor’s fast data-processing platform, is a major part of Hershey’s digital transformation strategy, which it explained will help the business be more competitive by using S/4 to find key insights to inform its wider strategy.

“Accenture has always been at the forefront of helping consumer packaged goods companies accelerate their adoption of new ways of working and new operating models,” Keith Barringer, who leads Accenture’s Consumer Goods & Services practice in North America, said. “This opportunity enables us to bring our vast experience to Hershey’s as it navigates its journey to a more agile organisation.”

Picture: Shutterstock