Harnessing the Risks of Cloud Computing for Business Value

A 2013 McKinsey survey reported that 75% of CEOs find value for their company in Cloud Computing. Given the well-documented perception of risk, are these established brands now coming to cloud to leverage “brand momentum” and create a “fresh start”? What are the pitfalls as these established companies enter the cloud environment, as CEOs start to discover the power of cloud computing beyond efficiency and cost savings?
In this panel, moderated by Mary Beth Borgwing, Managing Director, Standish Risk Management, the panelists – Manjula Talreja, VP, Global Cloud Business Development at Cisco; Sharon L. Kane, Partner at PwC; Vivian Maese, Partner, FinTech Practice at Dechert LLC; Jill Tummler Singer, CEO of Tummler Singer Associates; and Jennifer Mulveny, Director of Government Affairs at Intel Corp – discuss the risks involved with doing business in the cloud, the competitive landscape, the impact of regulation, compliance and what our experts see as the opportunity for reward.

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