Hanu Software Offers Cloud Application Assessment Tool

Hanu Software has launched the “Cloud Application Assessment” Portal as a free service to help Enterprises, Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) chart a cloud strategy. The online service delivers a recommendation report based on the answers to a series of twenty-four diagnostic questions developed through Hanu’s work with clients who have successfully adopted cloud.

As consumers and businesses demand cloud-based applications, developers must re-write the underlying code to make legacy applications cloud ready. In addition, they must select the best cloud deployment model for their application, which depends on many factors, including application data, usage patterns, compliance and security. Hanu created the Cloud Application Assessment Portal to simplify the initial decision process for application developers.

“We want to demystify the cloud and make it extremely easy for Clients to assess whether their application is a good fit for the Cloud in 10 minutes or less,” said Anil Singh, founder and CEO of Hanu Software. “It’s the first step in a systematic process. Based on the results from the online assessment, Enterprises, SMBs and ISVs can determine their best course of action.” As a Microsoft Azure Circle partner, Hanu works closely with the Microsoft Azure team to develop best practice recommendations for cloud deployment of applications. The Cloud Assessment is an outgrowth of that work, resulting in a decision tree based on application characteristics, current infrastructure, data foundation, integration and security requirements.

Through the Hanu Cloud Assessment, business or technical users answer the series of twenty-four questions based on their application’s unique characteristics. Results are tabulated and a report presented with recommendations that include:

  • Whether or not the application is a good fit for the cloud.
  • Which deployment model — Public, Private or Hybrid — is most appropriate.
  • Whether IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service) should be considered.

“We are pleased that we’ve been able to fill a void for Clients looking for a straightforward way to get started with the cloud,” added Anil.

“It is a daunting prospect for Clients to choose the best path to the cloud because there are so many factors playing into the decision. By applying the lessons we’ve learned, we hope to make the journey a bit easier for CIOs/CTOs just getting started with cloud deployment.” In response to the growing cloud development needs of Microsoft’s extensive partner network, Hanu helps Clients with Cloud Awareness, Cloud Assessment and Cloud Adoption. Our network of Microsoft Cloud Architects brings Clients the Azure expertise they need for net new Cloud application development as well as for migrating existing applications to the Cloud. After taking the online assessment, users can sign up for the one day, onsite comprehensive Cloud Strategy Assessment followed by Architecture Design Session and Proof-of-Concept programs. For more information on the Hanu Cloud Services, visit: www.hanusoftware.com/services/cloud-services/.