Governance, public clouds, and MSPs: Creating a strategy

By David Linthicum

Governance is a loaded term.  In the old days of enterprise architecture, it meant the ability to yell at staffers who used the wrong operating systems and databases, thus enterprise architecture was more of a management concept.  These days, with the emergence of cloud computing, enterprise architecture is how we control, manage, and secure cloud resources and services.

Public clouds typically don’t exist on their own.  They have to work and play well with existing or even new systems that reside on other compute models, such as co-location or managed services providers (MSPs).  As a consultant, I find that larger organizations have several brands of public and private clouds, as well as an existing MSP, or, the enterprise will use an MSP in the near future.

This is called multi-cloud, and it drives the need for better governance approaches and technology.  A recent CompTIA survey reveals …