GoPro’s Plan to Connect Their Cameras to the Cloud

GoPro Inc. has had immense success with their series of cameras that can survive in almost any condition. However, now they want to branch away from this and become a lifestyle company. The first thing on their to-do list is to utilize cloud services to make it easier for customers to share their content. Right now, all of the content is saved onto SD cards that require many steps before it can be shared.

GoPro is planning to create an iTunes like management system which would allow the content to be uploaded to the cloud while the camera is plugged in to charge. This eliminates the need to manually upload the content to be edited, users can edit and share the content right from the cloud. GoPro is also looking into a service that will cut and edit the content into highlight reels.



By moving to the cloud, GoPro believes more cameras will be sold based on the ease of editing and sharing the content. At the moment, you can register your camera but there isn’t really any incentive to do so. With the cloud service, registering your camera comes with the benefits of the new system.

Since this idea is in the very early stages, there are not many details available. One thing that needs to be figured out soon is the security issue associated with running a cloud. Moving to a cloud means there will be very large amounts of data being obtained and stored, and securing that will be a challenge. GoPro has not stated who they will be partnering for this.

GoPro recently released wireless add-ons to allow their cameras to stream content directly to broadcasters. Future high-end GoPro cameras will likely include this ability while the rest of the product line will have Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities.

If the move to the cloud is smooth and comes with high security measures, GoPro could see great success and growth.

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