Google launches ‘private on-ramp’ to its cloud with Dedicated Interconnect

Google has launched Interconnect Dedicated, a new service which aims to help organisations establish a private network connection direct to its cloud.

The service differs from its previous interconnect operation – now called Carrier Peering – with the direct link, while it differs from Google Cloud VPN, which securely connects on-premises networks to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) virtual private cloud (VPC) network, through having a minimum deployment per location of 10 Gbps in bandwidth.

Interconnect Dedicated offers up to 80 Gbps – eight times the 10 Gbps increments, or in other words, selecting one to eight circuits from Google’s Cloud Console – and is available in up to 17 locations across four continents.

In the documentation, Google describes four benefits of Interconnect Dedicated, including the scalability factor. The company adds the cost of egress traffic from the VPC network to the on-premises network will be reduced – a dedicated connection is ‘generally’ the least expensive method with a high volume of traffic to and from Google’s network – while internal IP addresses are directly accessible from the on-premises network and there are less points of failure where traffic might get disrupted.

As is usually the case, a customer gets wheeled out to note the benefits of the product; in this case, it is real-time analytics firm Metamarkets. “Accessing GCP with high bandwidth, low latency, and consistent network connectivity is critical for our business objectives,” said Nhan Phan, Metamarkets VP engineering in a statement. “Google’s Dedicated Interconnect allows us to successfully achieve higher reliability, higher throughput and lower latency while reducing the total cost of ownership by more than 60%, compared to solutions over the public internet.”

Google’s cloud announcements have been coming at pace of late. Two weeks ago, the company unveiled variable networking tiers, claimed at the time to be the first from a major public cloud provider. According to Google’s most recent financial results, the company tripled the number of its big cloud deals, rated at $500,000 or more.

You can read the full blog post explaining Interconnect Dedicated here.

Main picture credit: Google