Google Bigtable

Google’s new online data storage service has the potential to enable large companies to implement big data analysis as a cloud service. Google Cloud Bigtable is based on technology that has been used within Google for many years. It now powers many of Google’s core services like Search, Gmail and analytics.


This service could be used to store sensor data from an Internet of things monitoring system. Finance, Telecommunications, digital advertising, energy, biomedical and other data-intensive companies are examples of who could benefit from the use of this program.


Bigtable is a NoSQL hosted data store. Users can read and write data the API for Apache HBase, an opensource application of the Bigtable architecture for storing data across multiple servers. Due to this, customers can use the service with existing Hadoop software. Hadoop is an open source data processing platform used for large data sets. Bigtable can also work with other Google cloud services.




Google claims that Bigtable is faster than other NoSQL stores. They manage the service completely, such as data replication for backup and encrypting it for security. Another interesting feature is that as you add more data, Google automatically provides the additional storage capacity.


The pricing structure is based on many factors, such as network usage, amount of nodes deployed and amount of storage used. Taking into account all of these things, Bigtable is total cost of ownership is less than half of its direct competitors.

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