Google and Cisco join hands for hybrid cloud

In today’s age of intense competition, partnerships seem to be the best way to increase market share. That’s probably why we’ve seen so many companies join hands with others to create a win-win partnership for everyone involved.  The latest in this trend is the partnership between two IT giants – Google and Cisco.

Both the companies announced that they would join hands to help their respective customers create efficient hybrid cloud solutions. Through this partnership, both companies want to bring the power and advantages of cloud to the on-premise environment of their customers. To do this, they would be using the Kubernetes container created by Google. It also looks like they would be using the Istio service mesh for connecting different microservices between clouds.

Though the companies did not go into detail as to how they would implement this idea, we can understand that their solutions will take into the security and policy configurations of their respective enterprise environments and at the same time, will provide the necessary networking and performance data in real-time.

Another aspect that we know is Apigee, the company that Google acquired last year, will act as the medium through which legacy applications can connect to modern applications, and maybe even tap into the power of cloud. This is a good move because there are a ton of legacy applications in the on-premise environment, so it’s important that a fair amount of support is given to these as well.

This partnership has been in the pipeline for some time. Tech people of both the companies have been working together over the past few months to understand the feasibility and planning required to create a combined hybrid cloud. As of now, the plan is to roll out the combined service to a limited set of customers by the first week of 2018 and have it available to the general public by the second half of 2018.

A considerable stake is present in this partnership for both the companies. As for Google, it’s going all out to catch up with its competitors, Microsoft and AWS, who seem to be moving higher with every quarter. As for Cisco, it wants to redefine its business and continue to stay relevant in a changing tech world.

Let’s wait and see how this partnership plays out to both these tech giants as well as the general public at large.

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